Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bright Child or Gifted Learner?

Parents sometimes wonder if their children are bright, good students or truly gifted.  Let’s look at the differences. Janice Szabos compiled a comparison of characteristics that makes it easy to tell:

  • A bright child knows the answers.  A gifted learner asks the questions.
  • A bright child is interested.  A gifted learner is highly curious.
  • A bright child is attentive.  A gifted learner is mentally and physically  involved.
  • A bright child has good ideas.  A gifted learner has wild and silly ideas.
  • A bright child works hard.  A gifted learner plays around, yet tests well.
  • A bright child answers the questions.  A gifted learner discusses in detail and elaborates.   
  • A bright child is in the top group.  A gifted learner is beyond the group.
  • A bright child listens with interest.  A gifted learner shows strong feelings and opinions.
  • A bright child learns with ease.  A gifted learner already seems to know.
  • A bright child requires 6-8 repetitions for mastery.  A gifted learner requires 1-2 repetitions.
  • A bright child understands ideas.  I gifted learner constructs abstractions.
  • A bright child enjoys peers.  A gifted learner prefers adults.
  • A bright child grasps the meaning.  A gifted learner draws inferences.
  • A bright child completes assignments.  A gifted learner initiates projects.
  • A bright child is receptive.  A gifted learner is intense.
  • A bright child copies accurately.  A gifted learner creates a new design.
  • A bright child enjoys school.  A gifted learner enjoys learning.
  • A bright child absorbs information.  A gifted learner manipulates information.
  • A bright child is an excellent technician.  A gifted learner is an inventor.
  • A bright child is a good memorizer.  A gifted learner is a good guesser.
  • A bright child enjoys straightforward, sequential presentation. A gifted learner thrives on  complexity.
  • A bright child is alert.  A gifted learner is keenly observant.
  • A bright child is pleased with own learning.  A gifted learner is highly self-critical.

So, let me know what you think about this.  Do you agree?  Do you disagree? Feel free to post a comment of your personal experiences or professional opinions.